Membership Opportunities

Membership Categories

Regular entitles the member, spouse and unmarried children under age 24 unlimited access to all Club amenities and facilities, including golf (cart fees additional), tennis, fitness, pool, and Clubhouse.

Sports entitles the member, spouse and unmarried children under age 24 unlimited access to tennis, fitness, pool and clubhouse facilities. Sports members may play golf up to 12 times per year with the payment of green and cart fee ($49 per 18-hole round) Tuesday through Friday noon only; no weekends, holiday or special events.

House members have unlimited access to the Clubhouse and pool facilities, but do not have golf, tennis or fitness center privileges. 

Membership Types

Full. Members age 36 and above for Sport and House; ages 40 and above for Regular. Only Full Members may vote and hold office, as long as their initiation fee is paid in full.


Transitional Full. Available for Regular Members ages 35 to 39, it provides graduated dues to bridge the gap between Junior and Full.

Junior. Members between 21 and 35 who have reduced initiation fees and dues.  Junior Members have the same privileges as Full Members in their category, but may not vote or hold office.

Special. This classification is devoted to members of the clergy and includes discounted dues and initiation.

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